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3:16 Gospel | Showcase Birmingham

The 3:16 Gospel 'Live Stream' Showcase. Live - 29th August, 2021

The 3:16 Gospel 'Live Stream' Showcase. Live - 29th August, 2021


Working with local gifted, talented, musicians, and singers from across the country Dawkins will deliver the 3:16 gospel showcase to utilise music to share stories of resilience, love, hope, life and joy.

The monthly music event will highlight how Gospel Music and Arts is integral in galvanising communities.


Based in the City of Birmingham, 316 The Well CIC, is a promotion and production company that provides a platform for musicians, artist, producers, creatives and practitioners to deliver fresh insights through music and arts to share what it means to be a citizen in the UK.

Of the one million population Birmingham host a youthful of which 45.7% is under 30 and 12.9% of the residents is over 65. Birmingham is religiously diverse with 46.1% of Birmingham residents saying they are Christian.