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About Us | 3:16 Gospel Showcase Birmingham

Beresford Dawkins

About Us

2010 to 2018 Dawkins coproduced Gospel Central which is a monthly gospel showcase that brings together a monthly audience of 150-200 to Jam House, Birmingham. The event experiences a healthy demographic.

After 24 years in gospel music promotions Dawkins was presented in 2016’s GXMMA UK award for his contribution and services to Gospel Music.

Mental Health Resilience

More recently Dawkins is investigating the links between music, arts, mental health, criminal justice, and the Black African /Caribbean church.

The last 10 years Dawkins has managed to develop projects that inform and improve mental health literacy in local communities. Dawkins has delivered a series of awareness days, forum theatre workshops, seminars, festivals, and events across Birmingham, supporting some of the most vulnerable people across the region. Joining Birmingham Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. In 2009 in his role as Community Development Lead Dawkins has led and managed several projects, i.e. The Revolving Door, 300 Voices, Mental Health awareness open air music events, Up My Street, Shifting the Dial, the Elders Project, and media radio project ‘What Shape are You In’. His specific goals are to raise mental health awareness, improve mental health literacy and to improve mental health inequalities. For this work Dawkins has received several awards:

Dawkins feels that Gospel Music and storytelling through arts can be is life transforming. The stories told by first and second generations African Caribbean’s through music and arts celebrates social cohesion integration, and citizenship - established by the Windrush Generation within the last 70 years. Dawkins also highlights that establishing a critical approach to this subject, underpinned with a sound Theological ethos, Gospel music and Arts will galvanise communities.

Out of necessity information technology gives a new accessibility, a platform to reflect and share stories of resilience and fortitude. In August 2020 Dawkins launched 3:16 The Well CIC.

The Project Launch

The disproportionate impact of coronavirus on Britain’s Black communities illustrates, stories of: Grief, Loss, Bereavement, but also share’s stories of kindness, care, and compassion, which are of equal importance.

Working with local gifted, talented, musicians, and singers from across the country Dawkins will deliver the 3:16 gospel showcase to utilise music to share stories of resilience, love, life, and hope. This monthly music event will highlight how Gospel Music and Arts is integral in galvanising communities.

In these uncertain times of ‘lockdown’ the new Sunday evening showcase, Dawkins will use social media, smart TV, YouTube, and other social media platforms to connect with communities via live ‘broadcast streaming’ across the region.

Why 316 Gospel?

The Vision


316 The Well CIC

316 The Well CIC, promotion and production company is a platform that provides a space for musicians, artist, producers, creatives and practitioners to deliver fresh insights through music and arts to share what it means to be a citizen in the UK.

John 3:16 is one of the most widely quoted scripture verses in the in the Hebrew Bible. The verse speaks of Love, Life, Hope for all. It also speaks of generosity, inclusion, action and choice in modern day society.

Working with some of the most gifted and talented and gifted musicians, and singers across the country 3:16 The Well is a music platform to share stories of resilience, love, life, and hope. Music and arts are integral in galvanising communities and often creates an environment and space that gives us an opportunity to connect in ways that politicians, and religion cannot.

At the heart of the strategic vision, It is to see Birmingham become the Capital of Gospel Music.

Out of necessity information technology gives a new accessibility, a platform to share stories of resilience and fortitude. 'The new normal' removes limitations, shifts boundaries, and offers time for reflection, and innovation.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we have experienced significant loss, grief, and bereavement, but simultaneously we have also witnessed and experienced, boldness, courage, care, kindness, and compassion. In the coming months and years 316 The Well will build collaborative partnerships arrangements that supports an infrastructure for the City to be the Capital of Gospel Music.

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